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The Coldest Comedian in Duval has performed with comics such as Joe Torry, Johnny Mac, Brandon T Jackson, Jennifer Weeks, Jess Hilarious and others. Don't put me in a box, I'm Mr. 3C's of comedy. I can do Club, Corporate and Christian. I'm an all around comic.

Now Host of the cities #1 Live Comedy Podcast, my motto, if they won't put you on, create your own. The Signal 27 Show was born!


I am Lakita Gordon, aka Big Sarge, or Mrs. Git Sum! I am the author of the published book "The Other Side of Addiction, From Terrified to Triumphant". I am a motivational and public speaker and a Corrections Sergeant. I enjoy laughing, especially with the comedians on The Signal 27 Show, writing, singing and spending time with family and friends. I am currently working on my 2nd book and building up my YouTube Channel called "Kita's Confused"

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Gospel Comedian Andre “Big Chip” Watts, AKA Mr. ½ way Baptized is a Jacksonville Native and graduate of William M. Raines High School. He has taken the ups and downs of life and turned it into comedy; choosing comedy over crime. His Motto is “Our Greatest Victory is not in Never Falling, but Rising Every Time We Fall”. Some of his Comedic Credits include “Leave Em Laughing”, “Off the Chain”, “Who Says Christians Can’t Laugh”, &  “Second Chance Comedy Show”. His stage credits include "In Search of My King”, “A Wife Bound or Free” (Pastor Dale Lewis), “The Wiz on Broadway” (Darryl Reuben Hall), “Book of Ruth” (Tarsha Watts). He attributes his strength and successes to Ms. Alberta and Ms. Lena Mae, his mother and grandmother, who impressed upon him the importance of being a God fearing man and loving his self. We doubt that they’d be disappointed. Alberta Son – Owner of AS apparel

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David is standup comedian, actor, filmmaker and a new rap artist at the age of 48 who lives in Jacksonville Florida. He was born with a speech impediment, and very shy until the age of thirteen. He turned to comedy belittling others to keep attention off himself. Now he strives to make everyone laugh while he inspires them to be motivated, and always win in life. This comedian/actor has an unwillingness to quit because of the adversity he has faced as a child. He has performed in plays in Jax Florida, such as “Amen Corner” and “DREAM GIRLS”. He can also be seen performing live at the Comedy Zone. 

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Born in Jacksonville Florida. Pursued comedy while in the military, but later became serious. Has performed on numerous stages and currently filming a sitcom, The Duval’s. My passion for Comedy is centered around everyday life and the situations that come. As a Registered Nurse, my ability to use my own personal view of how I see things and mix sympathy and empathy on stage with laughter, is what I think audiences of today appreciate. I bring the truth and make it funny.

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Cleveland is the city where he comes from so run run. The Fabler style of comedy is story telling with a touch of intellect. You can check him out on his youtube channel "Dannerium Presents"  to learn about any mix drinks combos for your next party.

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